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Cushman Wakefield

2017 - Present | SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI

Flexible and agile to support a multitude of workstyles.

An office focused on health, happiness and productivity.

The Challenge:

Cushman & Wakefield decided to move to a new space and spread construction of three floors over three years. From the beginning, Cushman & Wakefield stressed that all three floors were to be entirely free address. They also wanted the project to be Well Accredited, a certification granted upon meeting a set of performance standards that advance human health, happiness and productivity in built environments.

The Solution:

CI Select worked together with Lawrence Group for the architecture and interior design and Knoll for furnishings. Together, the team established the top drivers for the project. Cushman & Wakefield’s new space had to be flexible and agile to support a multitude of workstyles, adapt to a workforce that is heavily team-based, maximize wellness and attract talent and deliver a space that would endure the test of time.

The Result:

The recently completed space for Cushman & Wakefield St. Louis is truly an agile work environment, offering a multitude of spaces to support new workstyles. Employees can work independently and uninterruptedly, or collaboratively in teams in the multitude of communal spaces, conference and huddle rooms. The new office will also receive Well accreditation for taking the essential steps to maximize health, happiness and productivity.

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