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  • Industries Served: Corporate. 30 years of small, medium, & large.
  • Industries Served: Education. Smart design for learning and discovery.
  • Industries Served: Healthcare. Healing environments.
  • Industries Served: Government. Official contracts, officially impressive.
  • Industries Served: Hospitality. Wait to be seated? Not likely.
  • Industries Served: Non-Profit. Where good work and great design meet.

Comprehensive Solutions Foster Collaboration and Inspire Success

Our surroundings have the power to inspire us.

Habitats shape our thoughts and give us energy. Environments that reflect your corporate culture bring out the best in their inhabitants - whether they be executives, staff and teams, or heavy-lifters at a start up.

Claire Erker, President
Sales & Service

"One of our core skills is our initial ability to listen and help our customers through their process."

Claire Erker


Environments play a major role in attracting and retaining talent.

A critical challenge for businesses and educators is deveolping a space where all types of people, work flows, and ways of learning are accommodated. Workplaces are expected to reflect the culture and brand of the organization from color palette to interior design. Employees expect to have the tools and spaces conducive for working independently, collaborating with their peers, meeting and presenting to their clients, and socializing with their community. Design needs to not only be sustainable, it needs to make sense and support an effective workflow. In all cases, environments need to support the creation of meaningful relationships, and have a look and feel in which all stakeholders can be proud.

  • Primary Work Spaces
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Cafés
  • Outdoor Meeting Spaces
  • Quiet Zones
  • Active Zones
  • Heads-down Focus Spaces
Generational issues are a design consideration.

A critical skill we bring to the table is balancing the values of four working generations and their influence on how office spaces are designed and used. Traditionalists and Baby Boomers place high value on in-person meetings and frequent social events outside of the office. Gen Xers want a choice in everything. Millennials raised in the technology age expect cutting edge tools to be available to them along with flexibility in work spaces, hours, and lifestyle. Environments then, must be adaptable to the way an organization works, supporting the wellbeing of all inhabitants, and supporting an atmosphere of inclusion, collaboration, and success.

Technology is a cornerstone.

With digital streaming into nearly every facet of our lives, it's essential to integrate technology seamlessly into the environments in which we work and learn. Facilitating communications between local and remote teams for collaborative learning, problem solving, or presentations is now required. Providing up to date equipment and technology supports the fast paced learning that business and education are now expected to deliver.

Our project teams are experts in creating optimal environments.

We design spaces that incorporate WELL building standards and support adaptive, collaborative work and play, learning experiences, and social interaction. Our ergonomics and change management experts help navigate our teams to ensure our workplace and learning environments are attactive, versatile, and adaptable while maintaning contemporary design and comfort.