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17 - Mar - 2022

Eight Things to Know When Choosing a Furniture Dealer

Whether you’re moving into a new office space, adding to your existing space, or updating to meet the changing needs of your employees, there are numerous partners involved in your project’s success. Architects, design firms, general contractors and furniture and technology dealers all play an instrumental role in completing the project for it to build positive energy in your workplace.

Your furniture dealer is going to be an integral member of your team as you prepare your space for your team members. It is where you begin to see the vision come together and how your workplace will support and enhance your team, your culture and your work product.

Choosing the right dealer becomes a critical decision on the end result. The following checklist provides key attributes to look for when selecting your dealer for your project.

1. Internal Expertise, Externally Motivated—you expect them to know their business and their industry. You expect them to have a process to guide your project. You should also expect them to understand what it takes to exceed your expectations. Your reputation is on the line and business continuity is at stake.

2. Passionate and Actively Engaged—You want a team of people who are all aligned and passionate advocates for your personal and your project’s success. You want a dealer whose employees bring positive energy and determination to deliver.

3. Experienced Employees—long-term employees means happy employees and that translates into knowing you have an expert team of people dedicated to delivering your project in sync with your expectations.

4. Scalability—the workload on your project will have peaks and valleys. You want a dealer that is able to scale with the demands. Smaller dealers may outsource certain aspects of your project. With the current labor shortage, that could cause delays when you can least afford it.

5. Engaged Ownership—you’ll want to know that the leadership team is actively engaged in your project from start to finish. With supply chain and logistical challenges occurring throughout the globe, you’ll want to know you have access to the firm’s top problem-solvers and decision-makers should you need them.

6. Market Segment Expertise—there’s no such thing as a one-sized-fits-all approach. Businesses, government organizations, education, healthcare all have unique space needs. Segment-specific experts will help guide you through the process.

7. Breadth and Depth of Products and Services—when it comes to getting just the right look and functionality, there are countless details for your space to become a true reflection of your culture. You’ll want a dealer that represents and has access to a broad array of leading manufacturers, so you don’t have to make compromises along the way.

8. Product Integration—the way your furniture, flooring, technology, artwork and signage all come together to create a cohesive and contemporary look to your space is essential to completing a finished space that will energize your employees’ pride in the organization and contribute to their ability to do their very best work.

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