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Services Overview

CI Select Services

We take action and put planning in motion.

The services we provide are intended to facilitate every step of the way. From planning and definition to design and delivery, CI Select will be the trusted guide for you and your team.


Workplace Planning and Design Services

CI Select’s team of in-house designers and product specialists work with a variety of project teams to bring design plans to life.

planning and design services


Change Engagement

Change Engagement is a structured approach to managing employee engagement and adoption through a workplace change.

Change Engagement


Project Management and Logistics

We have teams to ensure your projects are managed and delivered on time and coordinated with precision and a focus on keeping your employees happy.

project management and logistics


Installation and Asset Management

Each manufacturer has quality standards that need to be met per their installation specifications. Our installers are trained and dedicated to ensuring your products are installed to spec.

moves and installation


Service After the Sale

Moving in means you now get to use your space. And with staff fluctuations, there are times when you will want additional modifications.

maintenance and warranties

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