Success through valuable, long-term relationships.


CI Select has enjoyed 30+ years of success by creating and maintaining valuable, long-term relationships with architects, designers, real estate professionals, building and facilities managers, business owners and executives, and non profit boards. The requirements for a true partnership - commitment, loyalty, and looking out for another’s best interests - are part and parcel of our DNA.

Why partner with CI Select?

  • Because we are a planning and research focused provider that collaborates to create solutions for the whole environment where we work and play
  • We offer comprehensive solutions for working and learning environments
  • We are committed to cutting edge ideas, products, and partnerships
  • We are innovative and forward thinking - testing the new to establish the future
  • We provide change management services to facilitate environmental change success
  • We are committed to long term relationships
  • We offer service beyond the sale
  • We can handle projects from coast to coast
  • We can manage all of your environmental assets from planning to purchase to installation to management

“We will handle all of it”

In short, we provide beginning to end solutions. Environment planning, product procurement, quality assurance, project management, integration, installation and service. If you need a repair, we’ll handle it for you - including pick up.

To schedule a showroom visit, or to talk with one of our sales or design professionals, contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance. We’re looking forward to working with you!