• Modern furniture and flooring for break rooms and community areas.
  • Built in seating and chrome accent chairs for office reception areas.
  • Specialty custom design student seating for education and learning environments.
  • Comfortable and stylish lobby seating, tables, flooring, tile and carpeting.
  • Custom flooring, architectural details, chairs and tables for office breakrooms and dining spaces.
  • Private and cozy office and library furniture for offices and suites.
  • High use portable tables and chairs for school cafeterias, halls and group environments.

Wait to be seated? Not likely.

Commercial spaces that feel like home. Blurring the lines is in-demand, on-trend, and "comin' right up" when you work with our team of proven professionals.

Today’s hospitality professionals have an interesting challenge: create a home away from home feeling while delivering an upscale, cutting edge environment that is also beautiful, durable, and comfortable. This trending blur between residential and commercial spaces presents itself when clients ask for something like a “Starbucks feel” for their project.

Customer Response

“When making last minute requests or changes that are difficult, they acknowledge it and state, ‘I know we are asking a lot of CI Select, however, we know you will get it done.’”

Vicki Woodside

Business Development - Flooring

In addition to hotels, private clubs and restaurants are asked to embrace this concept. We are well poised to assist with their traditional product offerings of furniture, flooring, audiovisual technology, architectural products, and art, but also can work with our client's current design and facilities teams to create the look and feel they desire.

  • Hospitality Technology Solutions
    • Audio Systems
    • Video Conferencing
    • Sound Masking
    • Digital Signage
    • Projection Systems
    • Large Screen Displays
    • Conference Room Technology
    • Control Systems
    • Auditorium Multimedia
    • Interactive Displays
    • Custom Systems and Solutions
    • Cisco Reseller
    • Polycom Reseller
    • 360 Immersion Spaces