• Attactive durable flooring solutions for hospitals and medical facilities.
  • High tech flooring solutions for surgical suites and proedure rooms.
  • Family and patient waiting rooms and rest areas for hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Architectural details and flooring solutions for critical medical services.
  • Medical lobbies and reception areas furniture flooring and artwork.

Healing Environments

From the moment a patient walks in the door...

the environment has the power to instill confidence in the medical team, anticipated processes and procedures, equipment and facilities, and positive outcomes. A well-thought out, well-appointed medical space provides comfort during a time of stress, by easing anxiety, and communicating the right, positive message.

The right environment design and equipment...

also provides spaces for team communication and collaboration; it creates support areas where patients and their caregivers can rest and relax, areas where family can attend to each other while waiting during procedures, and spaces where doctors and medical staff can efficiently do their job and communicate with the caregiving team.

We work with a variety of healthcare providers to create facilities that support health and wellness as well as patient care and clear communication:

  • Hospitals and Hospital Groups
  • Healthcare Administration Groups
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Physicians Buildings and Offices
  • Healthcare Environment Workplaces

    Our commitment to Wellness in the Workplace is particularly reflected in the healthcare sector. We can create a variety of spaces to engage and support patients and their families. We can provide conference room technology to help support virtual services; sound masking to reduce ambient noise that can agitate patients and staff; integrate voice systems to provide faster and more efficient voice communications, and AV options throughout the facility to provide digital signage, education, and entertainment.

    • Dedicated Workplaces
      • Used primarily by a single person
      • Designed or adapted to the needs of a specific user
      • Typically seated and “heads down” in nature
      • Minimize distractions
    • Shared Workspaces
      • Used by multiple people during a shift and throughout a 24 hour period
      • Often includes multiple tasks including...
        • Heads down concentration
        • Communication & collaboration
        • Multi-tasking
        • Maximize adaptability and flexibility
    • Collaboration Workplaces
      • Used concurrently by two or more people
      • Support teamwork and communication
      • Minimize distraction to users and others
      • Support both formal and informal communication
      • May provide privacy
      • May support medical procedures
    • Public Spaces
      • Used concurrently by two or more people
      • Support visitor and family communication
      • Provide comfort
      • Provide specific areas for short and long term visitors
      • Provide specific areas for medical team/family interaction and communication
  • Healthcare Technology Solutions

    Our team of AV and technology experts can design and install systems for the following health related environments:

    • Digital Signage / Wayfinding
    • Interactive Displays
    • Diagnostic Displays
    • Surgical Displays
    • Dentistry Displays
    • Surgical Suites
    • Monitoring Centers
    • Virtual Medical Facilities
    • Training Facilities
    • Control Systems
    • Conference Rooms
    • Mobile Video
    • Higher/Continuing Education
    • Video & Audio Conferencing
    • Sound Masking
    • Portable systems

    By working with your design team during the initial phases of your project, we can assist with idea generation, installation best practices, and integration techniques to ensure that your project is a success for the medical team, administration, staff, patients, and visitors.

    We provide the following services:

    • Acoustic Design Needs Analysis and Design
    • Sound Masking Needs Analysis and Design
    • Video Conferencing Needs Analysis and Design
      • These services include consulting, systems design, engineering, procurement, integration, installation, training, service and support.
      • We will offer recommendations that are compatible with your requirements, environment, and budget, and will work to ensure a smooth installation.
      • If your organization requires a bid process, we will be happy to provide you with complete documentation including a proposed scope of work, detail on all equipment included, pricing, delivery options, and integration services.