Audiovisual Technology

  • Varsity Tutors conference room with audiovisual technology.
  • Cafes and breakrooms with audiovisual communiations.
  • Conference and board rooms with AV equipment.
  • Lobby and reception area signage and audiovisual technology.
  • Modern office with audiovisual tech.
  • Conference and meeting areas supported by audiovisual equipment and features.
  • Audiovisual technology in office spaces.
  • Efficient open spaces are supported by audiovisual equipment and technology.
  • Client service and messaging with network audiovisual equipment.
  • Audiovisual tools for the modern worker.

Bring the room to life

Our Technology team is a highly skilled, experienced group of professionals who are passionate about what they do. Members of the team take their professionalism seriously - attending and continuing education courses, keeping up to date on the latest in workplace and environmental trends, and understanding how technology facilitates a mobile and fast paced workforce.

Audiovisual and flat screens for work spaces at CI Select
Office environments benefit from wall mount flat screen presentation devices from CI Select
CI Select designs and installs audivisual presentation technology for business
Add audiovisual technology, sound and presentation systems to your organization with CI Select

Our AV team collaborates with all other project team members during the planning process, bringing their knowledge to the table to help craft optimal solutions for our clients. We also offer technology experts for outside projects providing consulting, product, and solution recommendations, to facilitate sales, integration, and installation, and to provide service after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction.

Audiovisual and flat screens for work spaces at CI Select
Office environments benefit from wall mount flat screen presentation devices from CI Select
CI Select designs and installs audivisual presentation technology for business
Add audiovisual technology, sound and presentation systems to your organization with CI Select
Audiovisual and flat screens for work spaces at CI Select
Office environments benefit from wall mount flat screen presentation devices from CI Select
CI Select designs and installs audivisual presentation technology for business
Add audiovisual technology, sound and presentation systems to your organization with CI Select
  • Workplace Technology Solutions

    Trends in the evolution of the modern workplace continue to challenge business executives, staffing teams, and long range plans. Crucial to the conversation are the effects of technology on the corporate environment and the shifts required in space plans to accommodate the mobile workforce and mobile technology.

    Knoll Five Trends that are Dramatically Changing Work and the Workplace Infographic.

    CI Select provides a full range of audiovisual, sound masking, conference, and communication technology for a variety of corporate environments to meet the challenge of today’s workplace. They provide analysis, consulting, system design, procurement, programming, installation, and warranty support. Whether your requirement is for a new location or upgrading an existing facility, our team of experienced specialists will work with you to not only find the optimum solution for your environment, but will work to ensure that the entire process, from request to installation and integration, goes smoothly.

    Connected, Engaged, Inspired

    Our Consulting Process

    While every project is unique, CI Select’s technology team follows a proven methodology to ensure that all requirements are identified and vetted, potential solutions are researched and discussed, and budgets are clear and defined. We then craft a system design, either with or without your architect or design firm, and produce a list of required equipment with descriptions and costs. Once approved, we move into the procurement and installation phase, where we prepare all components for integration into your existing systems, and test for quality. Finally we install your new system and train your technology staff so that your equipment looks beautiful, operates correctly, and produces the outstanding results you originally envisioned.

    Consulting Steps:

    • Site inspection and site survey
    • Evaluation of the existing system
    • Conduct discovery interviews and prepare needs analysis
    • Define requirements and prepare a scope of work
    • Identify budget requirements and constraints
    • Prepare/procure MEP drawings
    • Finalize system design
    • Prepare project/installation timeline
    • Begin procurement process
    • Receive and inspect all equipment for quality assurance
    • Schedule installation
    • System integration
      • Component inspection and integration
      • Device programming
      • Control system configuration and integration
      • Install new equipment and test
      • System testing and launch
    • Train client technical staff
    • Provide on-going warranty support and maintenance
  • Conference Room Technology

    Collaboration is the key to conference room technology. In addition to display screens of every size and kind, we are also meeting participants need for easy to use tools, we help facilitate idea generation, and we enable guests with a myriad of presentation platforms. With everything we can provide, we also strive to create a calm, friction free environment free from tangled wires, failing audio connections, incompatible presentation tools, and stressed participants.

    CI Select has what you need to create an amazing conference room experience beginning with room scheduling systems that integrate with your organization’s calendar and display on control panels outside each room. Display panels, integrated presentation technology, integrated mobile device charging units, and master systems that control other room environment elements are all available.

  • Video Conferencing

    The advantages to using video conferencing have become so compelling that businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and nonprofits all derive significant benefits from its use.

    Businesses and Entrepreneurs

    • Reduced travel and meeting costs
    • Improved team communications and relationships
    • Improved client communications and stronger relationships
    • Increased productivity among customers and teams
    • Reduced product development time
    • Increased morale for telecommuting team members
    • Collaboration in real time
    • Efficient and improved hiring
    • Efficient team communications
    • Easily share media and files


    • Virtual field trips
    • Bring the classroom to rural areas
    • Connect with far away places, people, and institutes of higher learning
    • Record and archive classroom lectures or meetings
    • Conduct regional staff and/or teachers meetings
    • Conduct remote parent/teacher conferences


    • Facilitates virtual care
    • Allows physicians to reach and monitor rural patients
    • Allows specialists (neurologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, etc.) to be connected for emergency care
    • Provides remote monitoring of critical care facilities
    • Provides communication with patients, families, and bedside staff


    • Significant cost reductions in travel and meeting expenses
    • Team collaboration while in the field
    • Facilitates flexible working arrangements
    • Facilitates mobile technology
    • Increases first responder and emergency communications effectiveness
    • Facilitates better communications with citizens
    • Facilitates cost-effective legal processes

    CI Select provides a wide range of video conferencing solutions for every environment and market sector. Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our technology professionals.

  • Audiovisual Presentation Technology

    The effectiveness of presentation technology varies depending upon the environment. The technology team at CI Select will work with you to research, choose, and install the system best suited to your needs, budget, and space. Our team will design a solution that enhances your space, thrills your employees, and impresses your clients.

    Furniture Integration: Chargespot | Clickshare

    Integrating tech components into your furniture and charging systems, discreetly bringing 21st century technology into your new, or existing, work environment.

    Sound Masking

    Ambient noise can be caused by a myriad of factors: foot and outdoor traffic, machine noises, loud conversations, and many others. While some individuals have the ability to naturally block ambient noise, for many, it can be a source of stress, friction, and distraction leading to a loss in productivity and focus.

    A sound masking system emits a low-level, non-distracting masking noise designed to reduce speech intelligibility and thereby improve speech privacy.

  • Maintenance and Service Requests

    Our team is dedicated to getting your systems back up and running quickly. Our online Service Request is routed to our team within minutes which allows us to provide a prompt response to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We are happy to provide routine maintenance to installed equipment and are happy to craft an arrangement that meets your needs. CI Select coordinates all factory warranty work for any equipment we sell. If you need warranty work, just let us know and we’ll have a sevice coordinator contact you to get the process started.

  • Product Research, Procurement, and Strategic Buying Programs
    Knoll The Role of Workplace Technology is in Transition Infographic.

    Technology changes constantly. New equipment and capabilities come online regularly. In order to provide our clients with optimum solutions, we attend industry conferences and provide internal continuing education. We do this in order to serve as product specialists and resources to our clients when they are considering a new technology and do not have the internal resources to vett a new solution.

    Let the CI Select Technology team assist you in identifying possible solutions, procuring necessary equipment, and coordinating large purchases that are destined for multiple locations. We can provide the project management staff to coordinate with your building management teams to ensure a smooth installation every time.