Asset Management

Warehousing, logistics and asset management at CI Select.

Every detail handled

CI Select has a 50,000 square foot warehouse which serves as the operational hub of all business groups. Warehouse operations include receiving, inspection, inventory control, staging, stocking, and delivery in addition to quality assurance and project coordination activities.

To accomplish this, CI Select has created strategic partnerships with Installnet (furniture) and Starnet (flooring) to deliver coast to coast deliveries and installations. Asset management can be provided as an extra service.

OI Software: Inventory and Move Management

CI Select’s proprietary software 'FACILITY2MANAGE' is an FF&E management software platform which allows select clients to use our offline/online capabilities to control assets, and have full maintenance management.

  • Captures inventories on site of newly installed products (as built) or existing inventory
  • Using our tablet-based software, clients can capture inventory with images, codes, and custom product fields by type on site and then push changes to the OICloud for further project management, detailing and documenting, or collaboration with reviewers.
  • Know what you have, where you have it, what condition it is in, and manage renovations and re-designs
  • Generate QR codes for room asset management and maintenance
  • Create occupants and manage all moving procedures in real time
  • Comprehensive close-out binder including typicals, final layouts, bill of materials, and finishes
  • Demonstration available upon request