• Dynamic art pieces energize employees.
  • Artwork inspires students and faculty.
  • Artwork, prints and sculpture soothe patients and visitors.
  • Change the mood of your space with artwork from CI Select.

The Finishing Touches

Life is better with art! Dynamic art pieces energize employees, inspire students, and soothe patients. Be it wall art or a sculpture, artwork changes the mood of your space and can positively affect your employees and visitors.

  • Original Paintings
  • Limited Prints
  • Reproduction Prints
  • Commissioned Originals
  • Sculptures
  • Glass
  • Custom Framing
  • Installation

Our designers and production team will help select new pieces, reframe existing pieces, or commission originals. Custom artwork can be provisioned for distribution and installation across the United States for corporate headquarters, educational buildings, professional sports facilities, healthcare, and hospitality environments. Our experience ranges from placing original artwork in small office building lobbies to working with large-scale, multi-location firms throughout the country.

Whether you need an original painting to brighten a lobby, hundreds of reproduction pieces for hospital rooms, or a sculpture to enhance an outdoor wellness area, our art specialty team will produce the perfect solution for you, your people, and your business.