• Services: Change Management. Focus on more effective, collaborative, and flexible environments.
  • Services: Workplace Planning. Delivering a great experience through every stage of your project.
  • Services: Project Management. Providing a well-balanced servicing team to cover all areas.
  • Services: Asset Management. Every detail handled.
  • Services: Installs & Moves. Heavy lifting included.
  • Services: Technology Consulting. Long-term strategy to ensure you get the systems you need.
  • Services: Financing. Leasing and financing to leverage your investment and budget.
  • Services: Service & Support. Solutions and service that last.

Great Service is Always in Style

Our innovative and forward-thinking professionals are happy to help you think through the requirements of your upcoming project, which includes helping to define the scope, build a project timeline and budget, and create a strategy to successfully implement environmental change. We assign every project a unique team of professionals that will collaborate to create optimal solutions, by providing the best product choices alongside workplace research to ensure a cutting edge solution for presentation and implementation. They will continually manage the acquisition, integration, and installation from beginning to end, creating a “wow” moment everyone will love.

Change Management Services are an integral part of a successful strategy to implement environmental change in your organization. Through a strategic alliance with Lisa Glaser of Workplace Dynamics Consulting, our team can provide:

  • Pre and Post occupancy surveys
  • Written communication scripts
  • A Living Lab to include employees in decision making
  • Post occupancy communications on space usage suggestions
  • Post occupancy tweaks as needed
  • The creation of tools that facilitate inter-organizational management agreement on change/environmental goals in order to help gain approval of a project concept

We can also help with the economics of the project by providing ROI Analysis services. This includes:

  • Employee engagement analysis before and after occupancy changes
  • Talent attraction / talent retention
  • Analyze the employee attraction / retention statistics

Furniture Repurposing Program

We can can assist in the dispersement of underutilized assets, freeing up valuable real estate. Through our partnership with GRS Auction Services, we are able to offer three mechanisms to assist in asset disposition:

  • Auction: Assets are evaluated, catalogued, listed on-line, previewed, and removed under our management. Proceeds are disbursed within two weeks of auction closing.
  • Liquidation: GRS will evaluate the assets and develop a plan using our extensive network to locate a buyer for the asset. Our team will catalog the assets, market, review offers, manage removal, collect, and disburse funds.
  • Disposal: It if is determined, after reviewing the asset, that there is not a viable value to be recouped, we will provide a proposal for removal if a buyer cannot be located. The product will be sorted and recycled if possible

Our commitment is to help you create Wellness in the Workplace. Contact us to discuss your upcoming project requirements.