Our Showroom

  • CI Select corporate headquarters showroom entrance.
  • CI Select front lobby with flat screen displays and modern seating.
  • Conference room with artwork and modern furniture.
  • Seating areas with artwork, and a visual display.
  • We provide solutions for break rooms, cafes, hospitality, and dining areas.
  • Collaboration and huddle spaces support open work environments.
  • Board room and conference solutions include furnture, privacy walls and audiovisual communications.
  • Break rooms for team members.

Our Working Showroom

Our showroom is a living lab where you can experience the possibilities of your own space.

We're privileged to have an outstanding working showroom to showcase our diverse product suite. It gives the opportunity for clients to experience the type of environmental possibilities we provide, and also provides an inspiring studio space for design teams to create innovative ideas and solutions.

Workplace trend setting furniture products are on display; multiple types of flooring are installed; architectural walls define offices; and multiple work environments from collaborative to focused are staged and ready for presentation. We've embedded technology in nearly every collaborative space to maximize efficiency and connectedness.

Our facility integrates the same products we offer in our conference rooms, offices, workspace, and collaborative centers. We live the message we espouse: "CI Select is dedicated to providing innovative, adaptable solutions that support an ever-changing business environment."

Our library holds volumes of manufacturer binders containing flooring samples, seating, fabric swatches, upholstery, file and storage solutions, and accessory catalogs. Our teams can work with any environment, any color palette, any industry, and any furniture style to create a unique, brand-driven facility with lasting design.

From the classic Barcelona chair to conference room collaboration technology, CI Select carries a wide variety of high-quality products to meet the challenge of any interior environment.

See for yourself and experience the possibilities that CI Select offers for your project. We invite you to visit our showroom, meet our team, and discuss how we can help you.

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